Tutoring: More than just better grades

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When the end of the school year is almost there, for many students in high school that means the inevitable arrival of final exams.


And for the majority of those teens, blood pressure and anxiety levels are on the rise–exam time is easily one of the most stressful times in a student's life. 


To beat the stress, students employ the usual gamut of study skills, but one that often gets overlooked is formal tutoring. Maybe it’s because tutoring is generally thought of as needed when students are in trouble academically.


But the thing is, tutoring can help students do so much more than just bring up their grades—tutoring can help students take control of their education, which in turn, can eliminates stress. After all, isn’t that what stress is? A feeling of a lack of control in life. 


But to get to the point where they feel more in control, students first have to get organized, get their homework done, improve their self confidence, and learn to think actively. Formal tutoring can help them achieve all these goals and more.


  • Is a reliable routine
  • Helps develop motivation and confidence
  • Offers support and encouragement
  • Is free from peer pressure
  • Teaches time management
  • Offers student much needed educational advice and acts as a sounding board

Sometimes, eliminating stress is as simple as knowing that someone is in your corner.

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