Organization: How to use an agenda (Part 1)

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How to maximize the best organizational tool available


We know why using an agenda is important, right? Short-term memory is imperfect, kids forget their homework assignments, organization skills are important to academic success: these are just some of the great reasons that schools to provide agendas and/or planners to students.

But one major shortcoming of being given an agenda at school is that students are rarely taught how to use it. Of course, there is the general knowledge that it’s purpose is to write down homework and assignments so they are not forgotten, but an agenda does so much more than that.


  1. Bring the agenda to school every day
  2. Bring the agenda to every class
  3. Write down all homework and assignments
  4. Bring the agenda home every night
  5. Take it out of the schoolbag and open to today’s page
  6. After all work is done, put it back in the school bag
  7. Repeat every day


Following these seven simple tips will help students avoid the ubiquitous “I forgot my homework!” scenario. However, agendas can actually be used to take time management to the next level and can even help transfer organizational skills into other areas of life.

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