Holiday Courses

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If your child has narrowly passed, it may be difficult to pick up the pace at reopening.

For average or above average children, it sometimes takes too much time (several days or weeks) to adapt and get back to studies after a long holiday and before school starts. However for a successful back-to-school and a successful school year he should start working from the very first day. That is the reason why, after long and deserved holidays in July, we provide individual preparation at home in August, just before the start.

- Review the program of the last semester or that of the past year
- Catch up  on any lateness accumulated during the period to avoid any risk of dropping out.
- Each concept is implemented through exercises, if necessary with a share of personal work to be performed from one session to another. They will then be corrected with explanations.
- Learning to work and to be organized

- Evaluate the achievements at the end of internship




Tailor-made Courses, at your own pace

Throughout the month, take customized lessons according to your preferences while enjoying your vacation.

Pre-back-to-school Intensive courses

In addition to being aware of the requirements of the new class, this course provides a new cycle for a successful adaptation, and facilitates a good start right from reopening.

Although intensive, each course lasting two or three weeks, consists of 6 sessions of 2 hours per week for one subject, because you have to work without stress, while maintaining the resting period of the holidays.

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